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SPECTA 9+ PORTABLE Double Electric Breast Pump

The ultra-portable breast pump for moms on the go.


  • Massage Mode: Simulates the natural suckling of a baby.

  • Ultra Quiet Motor: Operates at 45 decibels (like the hush of a library).

  • Backflow Protector: Protects your breastmilk from harmful bacteria.

  • Auto-Timer with Display: Offers visibility and precision with every session.

  • Lightweight: Allows convenient pumping access on the go.




Natural Nursing Technology is a set of unique features which allow moms to experience benefits not normally associated with standard breast pumps. From the comfortable suction levels, to the elimination of back-flow, to the discreet and convenient operation that Spectra pumps are known for, Natural Nursing Technology mimics as closely as possible the experience of natural breastfeeding.

Includes: 24mm Breast Flanges (2), Wide Neck Bottles, Discs, Locking Rings and Caps (2), Duckbill valves (2), Backflow protectors (2), Tubing (2), Power Cord & Adapter.

Insurance Information: Windy City Medical Specialists offers the Spectra 9 Plus at 100% coverage through insurance.




  • Lightweight and portable

  • Holds a charge for up to 90min

  • Closed system pump

  • Adjustable strength

  • Letdown mode

  • Holds memory of previous pumping sessions

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