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Aspen Active™ P-TLSO


Aspen's innovative Active Postural-TLSO is designed to address the symptoms associated with poor posture. With the increased use of cell phones and computers, shoulders can become rounded causing postural kyphosis. This device is designed to actively influence posture by providing gentle support while activating and strengthening the necessary muscles that promote proper spinal alignment. The Active Postural-TLSO is lightweight and can be worn throughout the day.


Active Infuence for Better Posture

The NEWmatix™ System provides biofeedback to the patient and is a gentle reminder to pull the shoulders back and down, similar to a scapular squeeze exercise performed in physical therapy.


  • A fully adjustable postural brace that provides proprioceptive inputs to help patients train their body to hold a better posture.

  • Multiple options in one product (postural TLSO, lumbar support, figure 8 strap)

  • Brace options allow patients to wear as a treatment adjuncts (1-2 hours a day for postural re-education and improved malalignment) or as a low profile solution with the benefits of extended wear time (lumbar support vs. figure 8 for scapular stabilization.

  • Fits waist circumference ranging from 24-50 in (61-127 cm) and up to 60 in (152 cm) with P-TLSO extension panel



Aspen Active Infuence Braces are Designed to Promote a More Natural Alignment

Aspen's Active Influence line of braces are specifically designed to help patients sufering from chronic postural conditions. These innovative braces provide postural support with the goal of reducing symptoms caused by an unbalanced body position.

Aspen Active Influence braces also work to encourage symmetrical spinal loading, prompting a more natural center of gravity and a restoration of normal proprioception.



491101 - Aspen Active™ P-TLSO

Code L0456 Approved - 24-50 in (61-127cm)

491105 - Aspen Active™ P-TLSO

Extension Panel - 10 in (25 cm)

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